2024 Launch Schedule

Our annual schedule is below.

Welcome to the 2024 launch schedule.

**On NAR or Sport launches, only commercial motors can be flown.** ALL ROSCO launches are sport launches – meaning that only commercial motors may be flown.

Research motors may be flown only at TRA Research launches. ICBM launches are a combination of sport and research launches – meaning that both commercial and research (by qualified flyers) motors may be flown.

All launches are family friendly and spectators are welcome. There are no COVID restrictions, but we do ask you to stay home if you ill. Set up for the day begins at 10 am. Range is open until 30 minutes before sunset. Any help with set up and tear down is greatly appreciated! All dates are subject to change or cancellation. Please check before coming to the field.

The schedule below has a table with a primary and alternate weekend. We will alter the image if the launch is changes, postponed, or cancelled.

Launch schedule:

We look forward to seeing you on the field. Please check back to see that launches are not cancelled or moved before you drive to the field.

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