The Launch Field

This page contains information on our launch site and a map through Google. You can click on the map to gain directions through google to the field.

Launch Site

We fly at the Modern Turf farm located near Dalzell, South Carolina. Below is a map showing our location. Please see our launch calendar to help plan your visit.

We may not always set up the flight line in the same location. Please wait for the club leadership to direct you before you begin setting up your prep area.

Launch site address:

5925 Peach Orchard Rd
SC 29040

For directions from your local area, visit google and type in your location.

google maps html

Directions from nearby cities:
  1. Atlanta (West)
  2. Augusta, GA (West)
  3. Charleston, SC (East)
  4. Charlotte, NC (Northwest)
  5. Columbia, SC (West)
  6. Durham, NC (Northeast)
  7. Jacksonville, FL (South)
  8. Savannah, GA (South)

For more information about our launches at the Dalzell, South Carolina site, contact:

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    Sep 6, 2020
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