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  1. Doyle

    GO April ICBM Research and Sport Launch

    I will be attending on Sunday.
  2. Doyle

    sugar motors

    There many rocketeers at this club that can help you with your questions and anything rocketry. It is a nice club to be associated with and lots of great people. All you need to do is ask one of us.
  3. Doyle

    sugar motors

    I fly sugar motors from K to M size. Lately, we have been very successful in launching our rocket on L size motors. You will need to be a Level 2 Tripoli member to fly experimental motors. I would be happy to help you in anyway I can.
  4. Doyle

    ANNOUNCEMENTS & NEWS Dec 9 2023 Launch High Res photos posted

    High quality professional photos; simply outstanding.
  5. Doyle

    GO The NOV 18-19 Research Launch is a go.

    Hey Chuck, will we be launching this weekend?
  6. Doyle

    Used Altimeters and Stager

    Anymore left?
  7. Doyle

    EVENT July 2023 ICBM Research Launch

    Hey Bridgett, I will be flying one my big rockets on Sunday. I spoke with Johnny Hoffman about bring the 1515 rail.

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