13-14 July - Research and Sport Launch

EVENT 13-14 July - Research and Sport Launch

Club Event
Please RSVP on the event page. On this thread, let us know the largest motor you plan to fly, if you need special equipment, and which days you plan to fly.

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Wish I could be there. I have a family event in Blowing Rock.
I sure do hate to miss it. I'll see Yall at the Freedom Launch.
I will be there on Saturday flying an L and M motor. I will need the away cell and I can be there to help set it up and tear down if needed.

Change of Plan; something has come up that I will need to attend to. However, I should be there Sunday.
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I will be visiting you all on Sunday with H motors. Also my daughter would like to take the TMP test if someone is available to administer it on Sunday.
I have a rocket flying on a J760 and someone doing a tripoli level 1 attempt on an H100, 3,500 feet and around 2,500 feet are the expected altitudes we're looking at. Want to come on Sunday.
Plan on flying research motors. Will need an X pad with a 1/2" rod. Largest flight on 3 H100s.
Planning on being there both days.

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