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Many have asked "how can I get high-res photos you took of my flight?" So for the past few weeks, I placed all the photos I've taken since joining RocketrySC (2021) at my personal Flickr page. You can download all your high-res rocket photos to your heart's content FREE at the link below. I've never made money off my photos and probably never will. I'm not a professional photographer -- just a regular everyday club member who loves taking photos of the flights and loves being a blessing to people. All I ask is you cite me if using my photo(s) in a print or online publication (books, blogs, YouTube videos, magazine, etc.). So go enjoy! You all make/build some beautiful flying machines!

NOTE: Some filenames may say "low-res" but are actually high-res -- this is a misnomer in the export process (I have to create low-res files for Facebook posts to make Zuckerberg happy and I forget sometimes to change the name in batch process).

If I didn't photograph your flight, most likely here's why:

1) I have a seven year old son who likes to fly too. This means I have to put the camera down to assist him with his rocket and chase/retrieve it.

2) Also, Wes would like to fly his rockets too (which means my son has to assist and help me chase/retrieve it). haha :)

3) Sometimes you just miss them -- rockets are fast -- even with high speed continuous shutter.

Photos by album:

Photos by year
Photos from the October 7-8 launches are up on my Flickr page. Remember, these are free of charge to download. All I ask if you cite me if using in a publication (print or electronic). That's all. Have fun and enjoy!


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