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Hello everyone I am a new member. I am from Clover SC and just received my level 1 certification back in March.
I Hope to make new friends at this club.
Hello Bridgett. Just trying to find out if the launch is happening tomorrow July 9 and Sunday July 10.
Hi Bridgett, if I joined/paid my club dues at the August launch in person, can my profile be updated to club member? Thanks in advance :]
Copeland, I have updated your status to Club Member on the website and set it so you should receive a notice through the website when your membership is about to expire next August.
Copeland Felts
Copeland Felts
Awesome, thank you so much!!
Bridgett, I have a electronic duplicate of the Launch Information Sheet that we fill out and turn in when we launch. Except I didn't add(need ok to copy)the club logo at the top of the page. I can send it to you or I can post it on the web site so members that have a printer can fill it out at home. I don't want to post it without the club officers approving.

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