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Bridgett, I have a electronic duplicate of the Launch Information Sheet that we fill out and turn in when we launch. Except I didn't add(need ok to copy)the club logo at the top of the page. I can send it to you or I can post it on the web site so members that have a printer can fill it out at home. I don't want to post it without the club officers approving.
Bridget, I would like to go for my Level 1 Certification at the May launch. Is there anyone I need to contact? This will be my 1st club launch. Obviously I need to bring my rockets and supplies but do I need to bring my launch pad? Thanks and hope to see you this weekend.
The club has launch pads and a launch system.

Will your certification be NAR or TRA? Please bring your NAR or TRA membership card if you have already received it.

Do you already have the motor that you need for certification?
Thanks for the quick reply! Yep, I have a motor, the one recommended for Level 1 in the instructions for the Apogee; Zephyr kit, and Looking for NAR certification. I'll be sure to bring my NAR membership card. Thanks again.
I see I am listed as "new member" Joined Oct 7,2020. I have been flying with you a couple more years than that! I guess maybe because it is the new web site? :cool:
My profile also showed “New Member”. I went to the profile updates and paid my dues for Single MEMBER. It added the MEMBER tab. Hope this helps out!
All the Best!
Jim Mewborne

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