ANNOUNCEMENTS & NEWS New Vendor on the field: New Century Rocketry


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New Century Rocketry will be vending on the field. He will be selling:

  • Estes motors, nearly complete stock of everything from 13mm to 29mm
  • Quest motors, limited selection of 18mm to 24mm
  • Aerotech motors, limited selection of 24mm to 75mm
  • Cesaroni motors, wide selection of 24mm to 75mm
  • Motor hardware: Aerotech, Cesaroni, AMW, and Loki
  • Igniters: Estes, Aerotech, MJG black powder cluster igniters, and Conway Stevens’ ematch-based staging igniters
  • Rocket kits: Estes, Estes OOP, Quest OOP, Rocky Mountain Rocketry, Launch Lab Rocketry, BnB Rocketry, and more
  • Chute protectors, nylon parachutes, and nylon streamers by Valkyrie Recovery Systems
  • Motor retainers: Estes, Launch Lab Rocketry, and Aeropack
Thanks everyone for your support! I'll be back nearly every month - as often as my schedule allows. For sure I will be there in May. If there's anything particular you need, let me know so that I can be sure to bring it (or order it).

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