sugar motors


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do many sugar motors get flown at Dalzell ? interested in a 38mm H motor but don't really know anything
I fly sugar motors from K to M size. Lately, we have been very successful in launching our rocket on L size motors. You will need to be a Level 2 Tripoli member to fly experimental motors.

I would be happy to help you in anyway I can.
i didn't know you had to have a level 2 certification to fly experimental motors. i've got some rockets that would be potential level 1 ready but i have no experience flying anything close to an H motor. i've been watching too many u tube videos on rocket motors. hopefully this summer i'll make a level 1 attempt
There many rocketeers at this club that can help you with your questions and anything rocketry. It is a nice club to be associated with and lots of great people. All you need to do is ask one of us.
Attend a launch and we will try to find someone to help you. There are a few sugar flyers that attend off and on.

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